Sunday November 18, 2018

Sunday November 18, 2018

Where is Tim

So, I am now almost 3 weeks in New Zealand, the land of tomorrow. Pretty country, nice people, but the most bureaucratic I have seen so far. They have rules and regulations for basically everything. Doesn’t really effect me, but funny to listen to on the local fm radio program. Heck, there is even a discussion as to putting onions beneath the sausage on a hot dog so t onion does not “fall out” onto the ground and then someone slips on said onion and gets injured. Wow!

I am still in the Bay of Islands Marina. I will haul out in about 2 weeks. My sails are at the North Sails sail shop being repaired. I have contacted the local Monitor Windvane guy to purchase the broken parts to rebuild my wind vane. Hope I have the funds to do my boat projects. I am still waiting for my house to sell after almost 10 months. I’m super frustrated with that house.

So, I do projects that I can do. Mostly electric projects. Cleaning each electric connection and coating with dielectric grease. Still drying and cleaning out the boat from the crossing from Fiji. Managed to remove the rust stains on the hull that were the result of my faulty designed extra fuel can container holders. Also, making my “to do” lists! Boy, do I have lists!

Made several new friends down here. Some sailed from Mexico like I did. I am also conducting my second celestial navigation course. Somehow, I am the celestial navigation expert. Go figure. There is a daily cruisers radio net here at the Marina. Wednesday’s I am the net controller. Still trying to find the illusive girlfriend. I am hopeful there has to be someone on this planet!

Last week was the Bay of Islands Cruisers Festival. There were bar-b-ques, parties and interesting seminars. Learned lots from the sail repair workshop, the diesel engine repair seminar and the marine electrics seminar. Went on an evening cruise through the Bay of Islands to Otehei Bay. Pretty awesome.

So, there you have it. Thursday is a Thanksgiving dinner. I hope they don’t kill it with beet-root. The seem to put that on almost everything.

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