Saturday September 19, 2020

This was a particularly boring week.   My 2 parts boxes are in Transit from Memphis Tennessee, and scheduled to arrive on Monday afternoon. Next I’m hoping Shannon, my crew, will finally get here soon.  She is still waiting for her passport.  Of course Covid is the excuse being used by the passport agency for being woefully behind.  
The plan is still for a November 1st departure

to South Africa, and finally the final sail back to the USA next spring.
When I started this journey I only had a vague idea of where it will lead.  It’s been fun, but also an emotional and physical roller coaster.  3 years of basically being alone on the high seas, mix in Covid, no money, and it is an endurance event like I’ve seldom experienced.  Again, I have the greatest respect for ocean solo sailors. 

As always, we are asking for your support to help this intrepid sailorfinally get home.  Covid has been a disaster for many of us caught in the middle of the ocean.   I never saw this coming, but 6 more months and this incredible journey is done. 

Follow us, and drop a few coins in our PayPal bucket on your wayout!

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