November 11, 2020

At 0500 UT, sv Intrepid:
Latitude:  05 degrees 32 minutes SOUTH
Longitude:  054 degrees 17 minutes EAST
Heading 225T at 5.0 kts
Wind SE at 13
Swell SE at 0.5 meters
Cloud 20%
Barometer 1014, steady

Yesterday we traveled 100nm, 500 to the tip of Mada and 1900 to Richards Bay.

Well, another long boring passage.  I am looking forward to the Atlantic crossing.  The Indian Ocean, meh!  Yesterday was very uncomfortable seas, washing machine.  Shannon, as kinda predicted, got sea sick.  She spend all night in the cockpit air.  Today she seems stable, so next is to get her to drink and maybe eat.  I gave her a Meclizine tablet for sea sickness.  Me, whatever.  As said, I’m tired of the Indian Ocean and all this Covid bs.  Our initial plan is to go as fast as we can to get into the lee of western Mada.  The weather looks favorable for the next several days, so ought not be a problem. Then we can plan the next step. It’s amazing how well a sailboat sails when you actually have sails!  My thanks again to those of you who helped me buy 2 new sails, awesome!!!

My plan is to send out an email daily at 0600UT.  I will check for emails 7 hours later at 1200 UT. 

Follow this intrepid sailor and please drop a few coins in our PayPal bucket on the way out.  After 3 years of sailing, I’m broke.


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