Monday November 18, 2019

Revised schedule for sv Intrepid.

I am planning to depart Thailand for the Red Sea a few weeks earlier than originally planned:

Depart Phuket February 7, 2020. Direct Sri Lanka (Trincomalee) and / or India (Kochi). This is approximately 1400 nm, and I estimate about 16 – 18 days. Assuming a few weeks in this area, I then plan to depart Kochi by March 9, 2020. From Kochi, direct into the Red Sea and eventually to Bur Sa’id. This is approximately 3275 nm, and I estimate about 35 days. Estimated arrival into Bur Sa’id is April 16, 2020.

Still have a few jobs I need finish before I can depart. These include:

  1. Service my prop.
  2. Replace 2 engine mounts
  3. Align my engine
  4. Repair my Main Sail
  5. Troubleshoot the “High SWR” issue on my AIS
  6. Some rigging work, to also include fixing my anchor light, steaming light, welding on my pulpit bow light, reinstall radar reflector, new spreader end caps.
  7. Buy replacement / extra fuel filters, oil filter and sail tape.
  8. Sign up for SailMail, so I can communicate in the Red Sea
  9. Repair my Refrigerator (I currently have a Norcold Norcolder 4408 Series Icebox Conversion Kit – L-Shaped. Does not turn on, grrr! It has not worked since October 2018!)
  10. Troubleshoot my water maker (I have actually never used it)
  11. Maybe find a working Iridium 9555 satellite telephone.
  12. Finally, a working 12 v gas generator would be nice!!

Your advice/suggestions (legitimate, not sarcastic please), and/or donations help keep this intrepid sailor afloat!

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