Sunday October 18, 2020

2 weeks until I finally depart from the Seychelles for South Africa, and then home 😃

But the curse of the Indian Ocean continues.  After months of self-righteous bs artists stating how easy it now is to go to South Africa, the first few boats to arrive in Richards Bay are still in limbo, due to the decision of one corrupt immigration officer.  Sounds like India all over again.  Those boats now have an immigration attorney and are confident things will change by the time I arrive. At least they are in safe harbor.  All I need is safe harbor to Capetown, then USA here I come!  

Anyway, to those of you who recognized my distress situation and donated your encouragement, time and money to help this intrepid sailor, my heartfelt thank you!  What began as thousands of dollars to pay for all the Seychelles departure fees and their miscellaneous demands, I’m happy to report all have been paid (until they change their minds, again, again, again). 

All I want to do is get home by spring.  The irrational world wide Covid response has made planning anything basically impossible.  

So follow us, and please drop a few coins in our PayPal bucket on your way out!  Any help is greatly appreciate.


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