Wednesday April 1, 2020

I had a good anchor here in the Maldives. A few days ago a large dive boat anchored close to me and a few other boats. This morning a squall came through, before sunlight, and the big boat dragged, of course pulling me with him. He and his crew re anchored, in a slightly different location, I then had to do the same, in the dark, wind, rain and solo. Not even a sorry. I may have to anchor again for better swing room. Kinda pissed!

Anchor Update. After some struggling to reset a good anchor, the dive boat neighbor (not the one who ran into me last night) came by in his dinghy and attached my bow to a mooring ball. So, now in about 13 meters of water, I have about 40 meters of chain and about 30 meters of rode to the mooring. Kinda a V shape. I feel more comfortable, until some dumb ass in a speed boat grabs the rode!

Decided my best option to get back to the USA is Maldives to Oman, Stay in Oman until winter, then Red Sea, power through the Med and the Atlantic crossing to Antiqua, and then head via the Bahama’s to FL which means around March arrival. hopefully late March.

Dang I’m bored. Thank God for Netflix!

Tim on Everything – Quarantine in the Maldives, what do we do?

Everything – Quarantine in the Maldives, what do we do?

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