Tuesday May 21, 2019

Tuesday May 21, 2019

Well, I have the prop back together.  Only had to engineer 2 set bolts and a key to make it work!

The boom tang, that attaches to my boom vang, is another story.  I simply cannot find a welder willing to get it done.  Yes, the tang was cast, so take off the old one, make a new one of 1/2 inch aluminum or stainless, and weld it to the boom.  How hard could that be?   Evidently, pretty darn had.  So, plan B.  Attach the boom vang temporarily, until Papua New Guenea.  I think I can drill a hole in the remains of the old tank, and using a stainless piece I have, bolt vang to the tang.  Still angry that this “repair” was probably the direct result of a crew member who refused to listen to simple instructions.

Still plan to depart Sunday for Port Moresby. Weather stinks here. Each morning sunny until 9am, then the clouds and wind, then afternoon and evening rain. Plus Noumea is expensive and absolutely nothing to do. I thought Opua was dead!

More later

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