Tuesday June 18, 2019

Tuesday June 18, 2019

These are lazy days here in Port Moresby. Slowly doing boat projects. My big issue is still troubleshooting the extreme prop vibration. The parts are all there, but you can se a wobble when turning the prop shaft with your hand. I think I will disconnect the coupling and isolate the prop / shaft, and see what happens. I am truly perplexed. All I know is that we ran the engine fine for about 5 hours out of New Caledonia (at 1600 rpm), then speed went from 4.5 to 2 kts, now this wobble. Hmmm. Still have some sail work to do as well, plus the Monitor Wind Vane.

Otherwise, been doing some sightseeing and scheduled to talk to the kids this Saturday am and conduct a celestial navigation class on June 30. So far, there are 17 participants. I have full backing from the Marina, which is awesome.

The internet is s l o w, and uploading videos painfully slow. Also been thinking about going to Thailand this winter and delaying South Africa until next winter. What do you guys think??

Ok, trivia: Cheetahs are unable to roar!

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More to come …

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